Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love & Romance

Dreams in Autumns Slumber

A collaboration of
Linda O Connell
Ronald J. Edwards

Cool autumn air
caresses my mind.
Dreaming of love
I begin to unwind.

His fingers run through,
my golden hair.
His gentle strong hands 
hold my face with such care.

My body trembles,
as our lips relate.
Im lost in myself
I can hardly wait.

He looks at me
a mere glance starts this fling.
How he holds me close
to his body I cling.

His soul grabs me closer,
we take a chance.
This love affair,
sweet tender romance.

I smell his skin
the taste of his kiss.
Somehow I now know
that this love does exist.

This bond we do share
will not be forgot.
Dreams bind me with passion
in a lovers knot.

Just as leaves fall
from trees in the wind,
sweet dreams of this love
for you is no sin.

This passion has settled
like leaves on the ground.
You rake them together
then play in the mound.

Seems you have found
a sweet love affair.
Autumn's fresh scent
is the smell in your hair.

A true lovers knot
is lasting and true.
Like those in a tree
found deep in the hew.

Waste not your time
for soon winter does come.
Embrace this new love
before winds make you numb.

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