Thursday, September 23, 2010


Writing of thanks.

For The day i knew you;
or atleast the day i knew of you,
the moments we spoke - 
the days i wanted to see you again.

The pub visits i was shy,
the times i wanted to ask.
To the decision as i walked home,
the first time i asked anyone on a date.

For the date that we talked,
and the many after we talked more.
To the moment we kissed,
the moment i found bliss.

Fast forward months - 
the rocket fueled summer,
to the realization this is serious,
to this moment while i write this..

This is not a poem; 
this is a thank you and love you,
for every moment we have shared,
for every future moment we have

Adhoura Aks ادھورا عکس

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