Thursday, September 23, 2010


Loving You

I wish I could tell in so many words how I feel about you,
But I get so damn tongue tied that the words won't come thru
All I know is I can't get my mind off of you. 
My hearts singing a new love song and it's all because of you.
This gesture has me a little confusedÂ
But how can I deny this feeling that is clearly shining thru
I guess it's true
I'm in love with you
I didn't mean to fall so fast to fall so hardÂ
But I'm not one to ignore matters of the heart
I'm torn by the fact that we're so far apartÂ
I know if I could touch u once it would be an enchanting start
A start of something new that would heal all my past scars
Baby you're the reason y I wish on shooting stars
I don't know why but I I know this is true
Baby girl I'm in love with you....

Adhoura Aks ادھورا عکس

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